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Like SharePoint?

… and having ITSM tooling needs?

We are here with ITSM360 – the leading SharePoint app for ITSM tooling powered by SharePoint

ITSM360 simplifies modern ITSM.

Use ITSM360 instead of yet another platform for orchestration of your ITIL based processes, and leverage value from your current Office 365 investments.

ITSM360 is loaded with useful, functional options that allow users to quickly and easily work with classic ITSM-disciplines inspired by ITIL. But that’s not all, when you use ITSM360 you will get modern collaboration and social capabilities from SharePoint.

The standard flexible self-service portal in ITSM360 will get the most amazing customer support around!

Key benefits with ITSM360


  • Service Desk including a self-service page with multiple language support

  • Orchestration of your core processes – service request management, incident, problem, change etc.

  • CMS/CMDB features

  • Strong documentation features and knowledge support

  • Easy to configure – reuse your competence within Microsoft Flow, Designer or Nintex (with more)

Comments from the solution team

Our objectives with ITSM360 has been quite simple. The tool should adapt to the entire ecosystem provided by Microsoft and the partner network, and harvesting value by the options this creates. At the same time proven ITIL methodologies is taken into the solution.

The equation “ITSM360” + “ Microsoft ecosystem” and “platform” generates the value:

1 – Build for people

2 – Easy to configure, easy to adapt to new ways of working

3 – Reduce your platforms

We will highlight these three core elements in the following.

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1) People-centric approach – build for people!

Ease of use and intuitiveness for your people in all aspects. Your end-users need a familiar interface, and the same goes for your IT-professionals.

Training and education objectives must be focused on the processes and value-add, and not how to operate and be familiar with the interface.

As for providing a familiar interface, we will promise you, that SharePoint and ITSM360 will give you best goal achievement in the industry.

Facts – and how ITSM360 delivers in this context:

Enduser – your organization uses probably already numerous SharePoint portals, and requesting services, reporting incidents or finding the knowledge on a SharePoint self-service portal is easy and intuitive.

Microsoft best practice – we follow best practice 100% when it comes to user interface, and ITSM360 looks like a standard Microsoft app. Even the icons and style follows best practice from Microsoft – including the use of Office UI fabrics.

SharePoint out if the box – ITSM360 is SharePoint. All the functions which work out-of-the-box are inherited into ITSM360. Version history for items, search and more – all areas of your convenience.

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2 – Easy to configure, easy to adapt to new ways of working

Focus on your business – ITSM is only a supporting aid for them. It has to be easy, and too many organizations struggle with ITSM implementations which excess all budgets and estimations.

Your ITSM solution has to be easy to implement, and it must be easy to adjust processes and workflows to new business demands.

Facts – and how ITSM360 delivers in this context:

Standard platform – SharePoint is a standard platform with well-working integrations points, you will have multiple tools available for integration and customization

Process design – From Microsoft, you will have Designer or Flow as your free tools for setting up processes. But industry-leading tools like Nintex or other tools can be used with ITSM360, and you will be able to leverage from your existing investments in these tools. The result, fast implementation and low TCO.

Partners – setting up ITSM360, development of new web-parts or integration existing web-parts to SharePoint and ITSM360 can be done by your existing qualified Microsoft Partner or SharePoint specialist. This means, that you will have strong partner network, Microsoft itself and a world-leading .NET framework for additional coding at your fingertips. No other ITSM platform in the industry having these options.

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 3 – Reduce your platforms

Data silos and multiple platforms increases complexity, more technology introduces risk and security aspects – and your budget increases…

An overlooked aspect is also support and maintenance. The efforts and complexity increase also when you introduce new silos.

Facts – and how ITSM360 delivers in this context:

Shared platform – running several business applications and solutions on SharePoint gives you consolidation, and the benefit will be increased ROI and efficiency.

Security – the shared platform makes your security baseline stronger. Governance in security is easier with a few platforms, you avoid mistakes etc.

Also, SharePoint supports multiple security and governance frameworks.

Vertical expansion – the platform and ITSM360 gives you new options. You can use ITSM360 for other service areas like HR, Facility, Scheduled maintenance and GDPR compliance.

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