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Consolidate on a popular platform and harvest significant business value

Linking ITSM disciplines to SharePoint results in an effective tooling package

ITSM360 in a nutshell

ITSM360 is loaded with useful, functional options that allow users to quickly and easily work with classic ITSM-disciplines inspired by ITIL. But that’s not all, when you use ITSM360 you will get modern collaboration and social capabilities from the SharePoint platform. This means pure value and efficiency in your service delivery.

The standard flexible self-service portal in ITSM360 will get the most amazing customer support around!

  • Build for people by using Microsoft fabrics UI (standard Microsoft layout)

  • Standard ITIL processes included

  • Supports Nintex, Flow, Designer or other workflow tools for adjusting workflows and processes

  • Develop your own apps with Microsoft PowerAPP

  • Stunning reports and visualizations with PowerBI

  • Content and documentation features (CMS/CMDB)

  • Build for IT but powers multiple service points like customer service, facility etc.

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Sufficient tooling for ITSM has never been more important. Automation, cloud, real-time collaboration with external stakeholders and governance/compliance demands etc. makes this ITSM tooling so important.

We believe, that we with ITSM360 has developed an ITSM tool which is modern in all aspects. ITSM360 is built on an extremely flexible and recognized platform, but it is built for people which work with knowledge.

Do not follow the mainstream of you are looking for new ITSM tooling. Far too many ITSM projects have failed in reaching the business case, and many because of customization cost and missing ability to adapt to new ways of working. This is why SharePoint has been used for powering other business processes for a long time, and why not consider to fuel IT processes here as well.

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Thomas Bo Nielsen

Feature list

Some of the most important features are listed here:

  • Service catalog and service request fulfillment

  • Self-Service Portal (MyIT)

  • Incident Management

  • Problem Management

  • Change Management

  • Knowledgebase

  • Documentation

  • Contract Management

  • IT-Project Management

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What Else?

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