GDPR·NOW in a nutshell

In a nutshell, GDPR·NOW is designed for GDPR operations and documentation purposes. The SharePoint app supports the DPO to work more efficiently with cumbersome GDPR processes.

As an example of this, then GDPR·NOW provides unsurpassed assistance to many vital GDPR processes like:

  • Handling and renewing of data processing agreements
  • Workflows for approvals
  • Master data repository for GDPR related information
  • DSAR processes

In general, you are not GDPR compliant if you cannot document it for auditors/management. In short, we see that expensive work carried out by lawyers and consultants is challenging to put into an operational every day. Unless you have another GDPR operational tooling in place, then this GDPR·NOW app will help you with this.

Stay compliant

Ability to document your compliance for auditors

Reduce cost for handling GDPR processes

What is GDPR operation

and why GDPR·NOW?

In turn, GDPR operation is all about the potential daily processes such as requests from people (also called DSAR for Data Subject Access Request) and frequent work with renewing/approval of data processing agreement.

Audits are another angle of GDPR operations. For passing a good/efficient audit, you need sufficient documentation. GDPR ·NOW is designed to store information and capture and share relevant documentation in the GDPR context.

GDPR·NOW provides you with:

  • Excellent DSAR process support
  • GDPR compliance inventory
  • Reporting and management information
Data Processing Activity in GDPR NOW
Data Processing Activity in GDPR NOW

Out-of-the-box features in GDPR·NOW

  • Data Processing Agreement feature
  • Data Processing Activity repository
  • Data Objects definition
  • Consent Management feature
  • IT-systems
  • Data Subject Repository
  • External Data Processors
Feature: DSAR
  • Request Model Matrix (DSAR matrix)
  • Service Center for DSAR (data subject access request) with automation run-books
  • Data subject notification feature
  • SOP features
  • Security Breach handling
  • Deviations
  • Real-time documentation & library